The passage of time and human emotions

Under the current impact of covid-19, it has had a huge impact on our lives. Two and a half years after the start of covid-19, the global covid-19 is still spreading. Our lives are still not going back to normal. In the time of covid-19, where the virus is raging, travel has become more of a luxury for humans. We can’t get on a plane, go to the country we want to go, see the famous buildings and places of interest. We all miss the days when there was no covid-19 and we could travel everywhere without wearing a mask.

In this research, I tried to release this feeling through some interactive devices. Try to use “shadow” to represent the idea of people being bound. When passing through a certain area, what is displayed on the wall or curtain is not your dark shadow, but the city you want to go but cannot go to due to covid-19.

Seeing different times in the same place in the shadows doesn’t do a good job of drawing people into emotions related to covid-19. Maybe in the 4D effect, showing a completely different place where you want to go can better make people feel the happiness of freedom.

Maybe the covid-19 problem will be solved soon, and this design will give another meaning.

Maybe after improvement and development, it will have a lot of interesting business value.

It can appear outside the window of the store or in front of the mirror. Some more interesting advertisements appear in the mirror. People will be curious about it, and people will stop for it more, and even enter the store curiously to shop or consume. Or it can appear at a bus stop, or a subway station. In the subway passage after get off work, in the dark city, the shadow of the people appears in the daytime appearance of the city. Might make people more motivated.
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