Secure USB

The smart USB drive aims to solve the problem of information leakage caused by people’s accidental loss of the USB drive. It can be unlocked by fingerprint and read and edit the files in the USB through the mobile phone APP at any time and anywhere through Bluetooth. Bring new interesting and forward-looking interactive experience to users.

When in use, the USB will be pushed out from the rear, and the user’s fingerprint can be unchained on the USB screen to connect the mobile phone APP, or directly inserted into the computer host.

Users can download the APP in the APP store, log in and use it through e-mail registration, and then directly log in with their fingerprint. Can connect to the USB via Bluetooth in the mobile APP, and can view, delete, create and edit the files in the device.

In addition, users can collect files in the USB for better viewing in the future, share the files with others, and can also edit the users’ personal information, select languages and so on.
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